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El primer vuelo de los hermanos Wright Juan B. Gutiérrez 1995 01.03.2014
Re:Cycle III Jim Bizzocchi 2014 13.03.2015 computational, generative video, sequential art, image, motion
"a crisis in se_Mantics: gendered symbols and notion" in computer graphics imaging Claudia Herbst 2002 15.01.2013 CGI, critical new media, gender, programming, Shockwave, symbols
"Where you will have been I am..." [not yet found] John Cayley 2009 22.05.2012 Google, performance, performance writing, search engine, singularity
#! [Shebang] Nick Montfort 2014 02.02.2015 computer generated poetry, computer program, wholeness, conceptual writing, digital poetry, script
## READ WRITE GARDEN ## J. R. Carpenter 2013 31.05.2014 code poetry, anthology, artist book, code comments, collaboration, erasure, print, Ruby
#4artforfreedom Chris Funkhouser 22.04.2015 poetic text, anagrammatic poem, digital poetry, multimedia
#Carnivast Andy Campbell, Mez Breeze 2013 04.05.2013 code poetry, 3D, mezangelle, mobile, virtual environment, visual poetry
#CryAndSobForVisualInnocence Mez Breeze 2014 12.09.2014 code poetry, Codewurk, Social Commentary, social critique, codework
#gifandcircumstance Allison Parrish 2012 10.11.2013 animated gif, bot, generative, memes, Python, social, twitter
#Hvisjegvarhvit 2013 21.04.2015 collaborative, twitter
#outofblue Marion Schwehr 2014 12.03.2015
#OutsideUrDoor Mez Breeze 2010 27.08.2013 alternate reality game, live performance, twitter
#PRISOM Andy Campbell, Mez Breeze 2013 29.11.2013 code poetry, virtual worlds, mezangelle
%Location JODI 1997 19.02.2015 codework, interface, network, protocol, subversion
'Scape the Hood Leslie Rule 2005 11.10.2012
(a grammar of signs has replaced a botany of symptoms) J. R. Carpenter 1998 30.10.2013 botany, early web, body, foucault, frames, narrative
(Dis)Location, (Dis)Connection, (Dis)Embodiment Mark Cooley 2007 09.01.2013 association, audio, collaboration, database, juxtaposition, media art, random, video
(go) fish Loss Pequeño Glazier 1998 07.05.2015 fish, animated gif, digital poetry
(Re)Playing The Lottery Joseph Peters 2014 05.02.2015 shirley jackson, the lottery, chance, interactive narrative, interactivity, randomness, reinterpretation
(S)PACING Talan Memmott 2009 06.09.2013 audio, Flash, installation, keyboard, movement, performance, sensors, time, video
**** (four stars) Michael Avatar 1997 16.07.2013 happiness, instructions, audio, conceptual art, HTML, hypertext
*water writes always in *plural Linda Carroli, Josephine Wilson 1998 30.08.2013 collaboration, hypertext, network fiction
...and by islands I mean paragraphs J. R. Carpenter 2013 18.05.2015 computer generated text, generated narratives, islands, détournement, text generation
...hihi... Evgenia Sarbeva 2010 18.03.2013 computer, conversation, self-reflexivity
...Reusement Jerome Fletcher 2007 03.05.2015 bilingual, erasure, performance writing, performative, projective art
//**Code_Up Giselle Beiguelman 2004 17.04.2015 algorithm, application, code, film, images, manipulation, numeric systems, remediation
10 Poemes en 4 Dimensions Xavier Malbreil 03.05.2015 animated gif, animation, epistemology, image and text, visual poetry
10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 Nick Montfort 2012 27.08.2013 BASIC, code, commodore 64, poetry
10 Print ebooks Mark Sample 2012 27.08.2013 bot, markov chain, twitter
10% borger / 10% citizen Beathe C. Rønning 2005 21.04.2015 conversation, found text, library
10:01 Lance Olsen, Tim S Guthrie 2005 16.06.2012 audio, avant-pop, collaboration, fiction, Flash, hypertext, visual narrative
11 Ways to Escape the Symbolic Field Andreas Maria Jacobs 2013 22.11.2013 Internet audience, Internet text, spoken poetry, animation, sound art
12 Easy Lessons to Better Time Travel Mark C. Marino 1998 01.10.2011 chatbot, chatterbot, humor, hyperfiction, hypertext, timetravel
18h39 Serge Bilous, Lagny Fabien, Piacenza Bruno 1997 21.04.2014
1999 Barry Smylie 1999 03.09.2013 audio, Flash, game, history, HTML/DHTML, iconography, nostalgia, pop culture
2 sides/2 lados Maria Lucia Cattani 2010 10.04.2013 book arts, drawing, script, site-specific
20% d’amour en plus François Coulon 1996 27.06.2013 hypertext, hypertext novel, interactive, non-linear, sound and image, story
2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words Nick Montfort, William Gillespie 2002 06.09.2013 cyborg author, palindrome, collaboration, illustration, story
21 días Isaías Herrerro Florensa 2006 07.12.2011
217 Views of the Tokaido Line Will Luers 2011 27.08.2013 essay, generated poetry, haiku, loop, motion, poetry, travel, video
23:40 Das Gedächtnis Guido Grigat 1997 04.07.2013
24 heures d’Adrien Pierre-Olivier Fineltin 1998 21.04.2014
24 hours with someone you know... Phillipa J. Burne 1996 03.09.2013 branching path, HTML, hypertext
243 cartes postales en couleurs véritables Georges Perec 1978 10.04.2015 algorithm, combinatorial techniques, fiction, game, interactive, postcards
25 de Novembro Pedro Barbosa 1977 01.05.2015
253 Geoff Ryman 1996 28.06.2013 collision, crash, London, tube, underground, fiction, hypertext, narrative, train
2translation Grégory Chatonsky 2002 03.05.2015 camera, adaptation, Flash, music, typography
3 Proposals for Bottle Imps William Poundstone 2003 27.08.2013 audio, e-poetry, Flash, scheduled
34 North 118 West Jeff Knowlton, Naomi Spellman, Jeremy Hight 2003 24.06.2014 audio, GPS, history, locative narrative, Los Angeles
4 Square Jody Zellen 2012 27.08.2013 collage, digital art, iOS, juxtaposition
4 uomini Roberto Gilli 2004 30.06.2013 generative, poetry
4079 Zuzana Husárová 2011 14.03.2013 canvas, conceptual, digital poem, interactive, non-linear reading
5 Haitis Simon Kerr 2011 27.08.2013 audio, Flash, static
5000 palabras Isaías Herrerro Florensa 2011 08.12.2011
52 Goymu Mez Breeze 2012 10.04.2015 epigram, digital writing, electronic literature, elit, HTML, javascript, net art, network fiction, stretchtext
6 avatars en quête d'auteur / 6 Avatars in Quest of an Author Daniel Buillot 2008 03.05.2015 adaptation, avatar, Flash, machinima, text, video, voice
6 Weird Questions asked in a Wired Way David Jhave Johnston 2011 27.08.2013 audio, HTML, responsive, scheduled
6-string Aria Bill Marsh 2002 27.08.2013 audio, Flash, kinetic, scheduled, video
7 Poems Vadim Litvak 09.04.2015 e-poetry, hypertext, poem, poetry
8 Brincadeiras para Salette Tavares Rui Torres 2010 17.04.2015 aleatory, appropriated texts, code, digital poetry, experimental literature, Flash, generative poetry, intertextuality, poetry generator
88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (to be Played with the Left Hand) David Clark 2009 27.08.2013 animation, documentary, Flash, hypertext, kinetic, language philosophy, philosophy, Wittgenstein
9:05 Adam Cadre 2000 19.10.2012 interactive fiction
<? echo [THE_SIGNIFIER] ?> Duc Thuan 2002 27.08.2013 e-poetry, Flash, HTML, javascript
<Content=No Cache> Giselle Beiguelman 2001 05.12.2012 Brazil, Brazilian, digital memory, ephemerality, erasure, error messages, giselle beiguelman,
>>oh<< Reiner Strasser, Dan Waber, Jennifer Hill-Kaucher 2005 16.10.2012 audio, cyberpoem, interactive, literary games, poem
@bogost_ebooks Anonymous 2013 27.08.2013 serial, social media, twitter
@crashtxt / exq=.s.te =n.c&de/s Jim Punk 2012 27.08.2013 HTML, javascript, social, twitter, unicode
@Darius_at_GDC Darius Kazemi 2013 27.08.2013 bot, performance, scheduled, social, twitter
@DeleuzeGuattari, Rhiz-o-Mat, PoMoBot Anonymous 1996 27.08.2013 Felix Guattari, generator, Gilles Deleuze, javascript
@everyword Allison Parrish 2007 07.05.2015 bot, Python, serial, tweepy, twitter
@frodegrytten (microfictions on Twitter) Frode Grytten 2011 21.04.2015 daily writing, fiction, microfiction, twitter
@georgelazenby : How Goes the Enemy? William Poundstone 2011 28.08.2013 Flash, scheduled, twitter, video
@HaikuD2 John Burger 2012 27.08.2013 bot, generative, static, twitter
@Jhave2 David Jhave Johnston 2010 27.08.2013 networked performance, twitter
@KarlMarxovChain Moacir P. de Sá Pereira 2012 27.08.2013 bot, responsive, social, static, twitter
@MarkovChainMe Moacir P. de Sá Pereira 2012 27.08.2013 bot, responsive, twitter
@MassageMcLuhan Matt Schneider 2013 30.08.2013 bot, Python, scheduled, social, tweepy, twitter
@SonnetOneFour Jaci Jones, Jason Robbins, Tyler Downey 2013 12.02.2015 puzzle, collaboration, poem, Shakespeare, sonnet, twitter
@Tempspence Mark C. Marino, Rob Wittig 2013 30.08.2013 generative, netprov, performance, social, twitter
@tonightiate Matt Schneider 2013 30.08.2013 bot, Python, scheduled, social, tweepy, twitter
@WPoundstone William Poundstone 2009 30.08.2013 social, twitter
a as in dog Dan Waber, Marko Niemi 2007 30.08.2013 animated gif, concrete poetry, javascript
À bribes abattues Philippe Bootz 1991 23.09.2014 kinetic, poetry
A Certain Slant of Light, Typographically Speaking Lans Pacifico 2013 16.02.2015 blog, typography
A Change in the Weather Andrew Plotkin 1996 02.07.2013 bridge, interactive fiction
A crissxross trail < R3/\/\1X\/\/0RX: one remix player's scenic route through remixworx Christine Wilks 2012 09.11.2012 collaborative art, digital art, e-poetry, Flash, remix
A Dialogue Between Two Eyeballs Braxton Soderman 2007 30.08.2013 audio, hypertext, kinetic, Shockwave
A Dream with Demons Edward Falco 1995 13.01.2013 adolescence, childhood, fiction, hypertext, memory, Storyspace
A Dream Within A Dream Herm Holland 2014 29.01.2015 web application, moody, point-and-click
A Few Figs from Gigabytes Deena Larsen 2013 31.05.2014 code poetry
A Fine View David Knoebel 2000 09.02.2015 animated text, aural, Flash, flash poem, interactive, scheduled, VRML
A House of Dust Alison Knowles, James Tenney 1967 19.02.2014 computer poem, poetry generator
A Humument Tom Phillips 1970 07.10.2012 altered book, artist's book, palimpsest, technotext, treated book
A Humument App Tom Phillips 2010 27.10.2013 aleatory, app, artist's book, oracle, treated book
A is for Apple David Clark 2002 17.04.2013 audio-visual, audiovisual, essay, interactive, knowledge, language, non-linear, pop culture, religion
A Life Set for Two Robert Kendall 1996 20.10.2012 hypertext, memory, poetry, regret, Visual Basic
A Literatura Cibernética 1: Autopoemas Gerados por Computador Pedro Barbosa 1977 01.05.2015 ALGOL, computer-generated poetry, Cybernetic Literature Series, FORTRAN, mutable, NEAT, PERMUTA, TEXAL, permutation, randomness
A Literatura Cibernética 2: Um Sintetizador de Narrativas Pedro Barbosa 1980 17.04.2015 artificial text, computer-generated fiction, Cybernetic Literature Series, FORTRAN, generated narratives, matrix-text, narrative synthesizer, TEXAL, irony, literary machine, surrealism
A Luta Continua Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 17.04.2015 experimental cinema, Flash
A Machicolated Body Talan Memmott 1999 25.02.2012
A Madlib Frost Poem George Hartley 08.01.2013 madlib, poetry, Robert Frost
A Máquina de Emaranhar Paisagens Herberto Helder 1963 02.05.2015 PO.EX, Portuguese experimental poetry
A Million Penguins 2007 23.01.2013 collaborative narrative
A Mind Forever Voyaging Steven Meretzky 1985 29.06.2013
A Modern Harvest Jason Nelson 2013 22.11.2013 interactive poem, poetry game, small American town, consumerism, satire
A Nordic Neurotic Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2014 21.04.2015 experimental film, animated text, Flash
A Party at Silver Beach Judy Malloy 2002 30.08.2013 DHTML, hypertext, love
A Pen Jim Andrews 2007 10.03.2015 interactive animation, Shockwave, textual instrument, vispo
A Servant. A Hanging. A Paper House. Lucy Anderton, Nick Robinson 2008 08.01.2013
a show of hands Mark C. Marino 2008 30.08.2013 ethnicity, generative, generative hypertext, hypertext, narrative
A Sky of Cinders Tim Lockridge 2007 01.10.2011 dystopia, environmental disaster, hypertext, poem, prose, second person, sensations
A Slow Year: Game Poems Ian Bogost 2010 01.02.2012 digital poetry, haiki, literary games, video games
A Study in Shades Robert Kendall 2000 19.10.2012 alzheimer's, hypertext, perspective, split screen
À Temporal Luis Andrade 2007 17.04.2015 Brazilian concrete poetry, Brazilian elit, installed text, oi futuro, palindromme, poiesis, sound installation
A Tree with Managers and Jittery Boats Jason Nelson 2010 30.08.2013 e-poetry, Flash, video
A. Marika Dermineur 2004 26.08.2013 adaptation, generated, text, video
ABC LA: Portrait d'une ville en 26 lettres Béatrice Mousli, Guy Bennett 2009 01.02.2012 multimodal, narrative
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (iPhone app) Jörg Piringer 2010 30.08.2013 app, audio, iphone, kinetic, letters, lettrist, performance, physics, responsive, sound toy
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (Performance Work) Jörg Piringer 2007 30.01.2013 animation, interactive, lettrist, sound poetry
about nothing, places, memories, and thoughts: robert creeley (1926-2005) and patricia tomaszek Patricia Tomaszek 2007 28.08.2012 audio, chance, context-free grammar, cut-up, poetry, Processing, randomness, remix, RiTa, Robert Creeley, voices
about so many things Nanette Wylde 1998 02.10.2013 generation, text generator
About the Other Animals Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis 2003 06.10.2011
About Time Rob Swigart 2001 18.01.2013 ambient music, fiction, future, hypertext, temporality, time
Abra Amaranth Borsuk, Kate Durbin, Ian Hatcher 2014 22.04.2015 collaborative platform, merge, physical media, text and ilumination, animation, artist book, digital media, interactive performance, ipad
Abracadabra Eduardo Kac 1984 04.05.2015 early Brazilian electronic poetry, Eduardo Kac, hologram, holopoetry
Absence insolite Tibor Papp 1995 30.08.2013 generated poetry, generator
Absurd in Public Aya Natalia Karpinska 2012 24.06.2013 community agreement, pictogram, QR code, signing
Accident Eduardo Kac 1994 25.11.2012 early Brazilian electronic poetry, Eduardo Kac, text animation
Accidental Meaning María Mencía 2008 01.10.2011 interactive, meaning, non-semantic, signification
Accounts of the Glass Sky M. D. Coverley 2002 30.08.2013 audio, fiction, Flash, history, hypertext, narrative
ACITEOP. Disfunciones poéticas del lenguaje. Pelayo Méndez 2011 30.08.2013 algorithmic text generation, Google, mashup, photography, visual poetry, web 2.0, web art
Ad Verbum Nick Montfort 2000 09.04.2013 interactive fiction, literary games, Oulipo, puns, wordplay
Adjunct Travesty Peter Manson 2005 09.06.2013 generative
AdLiPo Daniel C. Howe 2014 22.04.2015 ad-block, advertisements, browser, plugin, computational art, kinetic text, static
Adventureland Scott Adams 1978 02.07.2013 interactive fiction
Afeeld A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz 2010 30.08.2013 concrete art, digital poetry, games, textual instrument
Afghan War Diary Matthieu Cherubini 2010 30.08.2013 google earth, wikileaks, computer game, kinetic, responsive, static
Aforismos (Série B) Pedro Barbosa 1984 02.05.2015 computer-assisted literature, aphorism, generation
Aforismos (Série C) Pedro Barbosa 1988 02.05.2015 computer-assisted literature, aphorism, generation
Aforismos-1 Pedro Barbosa 1996 17.04.2015 generated poetry
after emmett: a dispersion of ninetiles mIEKAL aND 1998 07.05.2015 concrete poetry, homage, kinetic typography
After Parthenope Scott Rettberg 2011 09.04.2015 fiction, generative, italy, naples, procedural, Processing
After Persephone Ingrid Ankerson 2001 30.08.2013 audio, children, Flash, responsive
afternoon, a story Michael Joyce 1990 09.04.2013 associative indexing, Eastgate, fiction, hypertext, narrative, Storyspace, tragedy, trauma
Afterwards Judy Malloy 2003 09.04.2013
Agrippa (A Book of the Dead) William Gibson 1992 30.08.2013 digital poetry, electronic poetry, poem
Ah (a shower song) K. Michel, Dirk Vis 2008 30.08.2013 animation, collaboration, digital poetry, Flash, line, poëzie op het scherm, stream of consciousness, text movie
Aisle Sam Barlow 1999 29.06.2013 puzzle-less, game, interactive fiction
aktra Álvaro Seiça 2014 08.05.2015 nomination, poem-play, poet, rehearsal, theatre, writer
Albeit Eduardo Kac 1989 25.11.2012 early Brazilian electronic poetry, Eduardo Kac, holopoem, holopoetry
Alchemy Simon Biggs 1990 18.09.2012 animation, image and text, installation, laser disc
Aleph Null Jim Andrews 2011 11.03.2015 interactive aesthetics, canvas, cinematic, digital art, generative art, HTML5, instrument, network forms, tool
Alexandrins au Greffoir Jacques Roubaud, Marcel Bénabou 1985 03.05.2015 alexandrine, combinatory poetry, french poetry, ALAMO, text generator
Algorithmic Poems Chris Funkhouser 2011 30.08.2013 generative, static
Algorithmic Search for Love Julian Palacz 2010 18.03.2013 algorithmic art, collage, movie, phrase, search, spoken word, video
Algorithmic Translations Eric Zboya 18.11.2013 algorithmic, visual poetry
Algoritmo, (Algorithm) Pablo Brito Altamira 2005 29.03.2013 crime novel, hypertext, interactive, novell
Algorritmos: infopoemas E. M. de Melo e Castro 1998 17.04.2015 infopoem, infopoetry, pixel poetics, Portuguese experimental poetry, kinetic, static, visual poetry
Alice for the iPad 2010 13.03.2013 application, ipad
All Fall Down Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2002 30.08.2013 experimental cinema, Flash, jazz, monochrome, scheduled
All Roads Jon Ingold 2001 14.01.2013 fiction, games, Inform, interactive fiction
All the News that's Fit to Print Jody Zellen 2006 30.08.2013 HTML, javascript, news
All The Numbers From Numbers Kenneth Goldsmith 2008 21.03.2012
All wrongs reversed ©1982 JODI 2004 22.11.2012 BASIC, performative rendering, poiesis, sinclair zx
AlletSator Pedro Barbosa , Luís Carlos Petry 2007 23.04.2015 3D, collaboration, combinatorial, cybertheater, game, generative, hypermedia, interactive, quantum opera, random
Alletsator-XPTO.Kosmos.2001 Pedro Barbosa 2003 23.04.2015 cyberdrama, electronic opera
alle_forteller_meg_hvor_bra_jeg_er_i_tilfelle_jeg_blir_det Audun Mortensen 2010 13.02.2015 poetry
Almas II Sérgio Monteiro de Almeida 23.04.2015
Almost Goodbye Aaron A. Reed 2012 01.01.2013 choice, procedural generation, science fiction, UnDum
Alone Engaged Maria Engberg 2011 30.08.2013 generated poetry, HTML, javascript, scheduled, static
Along the Briny Beach J. R. Carpenter 2011 05.11.2013 e-poetry, generative poetry, intertextuality, performance, performance writing, remix
Alphabet of Stars Whitney Anne Trettien 2010 30.08.2013 HTML, javascript, kinetic, responsive
AlphaWeb Diana Reed Slattery 1997 28.06.2013 alphabet, poetry
altavista words Nelli Rothvee 1997 21.10.2011
Alter ego Marie Bélisle 2006 28.06.2013 combinatory, poetry
Alternumerics Paul Chan 2000 06.02.2012 fonts, politics, signification, typography
Always Coming Home Ursula Le Guin 1985 25.04.2014
Am I All Alone Here? Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2010 21.11.2014 audio narrator, experimental cinema, Flash
Amanda Stories: Ten Children's Adventures by Amanda Goodenough Amanda Goodenough 1991 17.06.2014 cats, CD-ROM, children, children's literature, hypercard, point-and-click
Amazon Noir: The Big Book Crime Alessandro Ludovico, Paolo Cirio, Ubermorgen 2006 04.07.2013 found, monopoly, activism, copyright, hacktivist, search
Ambient Fish Caroline Bergvall 2008 08.01.2013
Ambulance: An Electronic Novel Jaime Levy, Monica Moran 1993 09.01.2013 music, narrative
American Ghosts Alan Bigelow 2006 30.08.2013 Flash, history, satire
American Psycho, 2010 Mimi Cabell, Jason Huff 2010 05.11.2012 consumerism, détournement, Google, machine reading, metadata, search
Amerika Ted Warnell 1997 08.07.2013 codework, remix, visual poetry
Amnesia Thomas Disch 1986 02.07.2013 interactive fiction
Amoklæsning Simon Gotrian 2001 23.04.2015 audio-visual, collaborative, e-lit, lyric, mashup, multimodal, Nordic, performance, responsive
Amor de Clarice Rui Torres 2005 23.04.2015 hypotext, paratextuality, appropriated texts, Flash, intermediality, intertextuality, sound, textual instrument, video, visual poetry
Amor de Clarice (v. 2). Versão Combinatória Rui Torres 2008 23.04.2015 aleatory, appropriated texts, code, digital poetry, Flash, generative poetry, interactive poetry, intertextuality, poetry generator, sound
Amor-mundo, ou a vida, esse sonho triste Rui Torres 2006 23.04.2015 aleatory, animated text, code, Flash, intertextuality, sound
Amor-mundo, ou a vida, esse sonho triste (cn) Rui Torres 2006 07.05.2015 aleatory, animated text, code, digital poetry, Flash, intertextuality, sound
Amour Philippe Bootz 1989 20.03.2015 animated poetry, kinetic digital poetry
An American Life In Writing Patrick Sanchez 2011 18.04.2012 anthology, collaboration, javascript, live writing, poetry, print
An Essay on the Golden Lion: Indra's Net IV John Cayley 1995 03.08.2012 acrostic, algorithmic poem, generative hypertext, hypercard
An Evening In Front Of The Box Gerald Smith 2011 08.11.2011
Anacrón: Hipótesis de un Producto Todo Gabriel Wolfson, Augusto Marquet 2014 17.02.2015 Acrobat, e-poem, vertiginous text, electronic poetry, Flash
Analogue: A Hate Story Christine Love 2012 07.04.2015 player as a character, queer, visual novel, fiction, interactive fiction, marriage, mystery, romance, science fiction
Anchorage Gabe Smedredsman 2014 20.06.2014 email, memories
Anchorhead. An Interactive Gothic Michael S. Gentry 1998 29.06.2013 gothic, interactive fiction
And Speak of Long Ago Times Judy Malloy 2014 22.04.2015 fiddlers_passage, remix, storytelling
And That’s The Way It Is Ben Rubin 2013 20.03.2015
And the Robot Horse You Rode In On Anna Anthropy 2014 22.04.2015 breakup story, xhtml, hyperlink, hypertext narrative, javascript
AndOrDada René Bauer, Beat Suter 2008 05.11.2013 adaptive, dada, data capture, digital poetry, locative, wifi
Andromeda Caitlin Fisher 2008 31.08.2013 3D, audio, augmented reality, children's literature, collaboration, visual poetry
Anemic Cinema Marcel Duchamp 1926 28.06.2013 pre-digital, antecedents, cinema, film
Anfipoemas Wlademir Dias-Pino 2008 30.04.2015 antecedents, Brazilian concrete poetry
Angel Interceptor Donna Leishman 2001 29.08.2013
Angels, Avatars, and Virtual Ashes Renée Turner 2007 28.03.2012 audio, death, mourning, public life, sincerity, social networks
Animalamina Chris Joseph 2003 09.10.2012 animation, children's poetry, collaboration, electronic music, Flash, games, generative, graphics, interactive, kinetic typography, music, poetry, visual poetry
Animals are Placebos Jennifer Roudabush, Caren Beilin 2008 13.01.2013
Anipoems Ana María Uribe 1997 31.08.2013 animated gifs, animation, kinetic typography
Ann Coulter : Human Document William Poundstone 2009 31.08.2013 blog, e-poetry, static
Another Emotion Jason Nelson 2006 16.10.2012 Flash, music, patterns, poetry
Another Kind of Language María Mencía 2001 01.10.2011 cross-cultural communication, installation, multilingual
Any Vision Zuzana Husárová 2011 31.08.2013 audio, scheduled, static, video
Anywhere Ingrid Ankerson, Steve Matanle 2000 31.08.2013 audio, Flash, scheduled, static
aoa_renci Bill Seaman 2010 20.03.2012
Aomori Amori Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2006 07.11.2011 experimental cinema, Flash
Apartment Martin Wattenberg, Marek Walczak 2001 28.06.2013 animated, textual architecture, aleatory, interactive, kinetic, map, mapping, poetry
Apfel mit Wurm Reinhard Döhl 1965 06.05.2015 Apple, worm, concrete poetry
Apparitions inquiétantes Anne-Cécile Brandenbourger 1998 03.05.2015 hypertext, interactive, non-linear, sound, story
Apple in Space - Search the World Beat Suter, René Bauer 2004 06.11.2012 net art, net literature, radio art
Archetypal Africa Alan Bigelow 2010 31.08.2013 archetypes, audio, Flash, history, kinetic, metaphor, nature, poetic language, poetry
Archives Zaroum Cia Rinne 2008 03.05.2015 kinetic poetry, typography
Argot, Ogre, OK! Andrew Plotkin 2011 31.08.2013 code aesthetitcs, poetry, remix, stanzas, structure
Arrested Nanette Wylde 1997 09.01.2013 conbinatory, database, flipbook, offense, prejudice
ARTE: le roman interactif 2004 21.04.2014
Arteroids Jim Andrews 2003 30.04.2015 mutable, game, kinetic, literature, programming, responsive, Shockwave
Artist's Statement No. 45,730,944: The Perfect Artistic Website Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2000 23.10.2011 experimental cinema, Flash
Artist's Statement No. 45,730,944: The Perfect Artistic Website (Korean) Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2000 28.10.2011 experimental cinema, Flash
As Much as You Love Me Orit Kruglanski 2000 27.08.2013 forgiveness, guilt, haptic, love, poetry
as valas abertas ++ des fossés ouverts ++ open ditches Álvaro Seiça 2014 30.04.2015 collaborative writing, poetic language tagging, Borges, digital poetry, multilingual
ASCII History of Moving Images ASCII Art Ensemble 1998 04.07.2013 ASCII, image, letters, text, typography
Ascorbic Acid #2 Eric Zboya 2013 18.11.2013 visual poetry
Asesinos y asesinados Benjamín Escalonilla Godayol 2009 15.07.2014 hypermedia novel, crime novel
Ask Me for the Moon: Working Nights in Waikiki John David Zuern 2004 01.10.2011 images, labor, night, poetry, tourism
Assoziations-Blaster / Association Blaster Alvar C.H. Freude 1999 04.07.2013 collaborative, writing
Astres / Stars Susan Coolen, Childe Roland 2007 03.05.2015 animation, stars, video, voice
Asunto Hola Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 02.10.2011 experimental cinema, Flash
Atame: A Angústia do Precário Wilton Azevedo 2006 30.04.2015 Brazilian electronic poetry, flash fiction, interprosa, love, passion
Attempting Ziggurats 4 Ed Osborn 2010 11.04.2013 audio, babble, installation, John Barth, recitation, spoken word
Aufschreibesysteme Green ghost echo Brian Lennon 2003 31.08.2013 e-poetry, HTML, static
Aurelia: Our dreams are a Second Life Belén Gache 2007 08.02.2014 cross-reading, video poem, pastiche, Second Life
AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS Christy Dena 2013 22.04.2015 art-game, web audio adventure, alternate reality game, digital narrative, story
Auto-Beatnik R.M. Worthy 1962 02.07.2013 generated poetry, generative, poetry
Autobio, Autobus, Automail: une expérimentation autobiographique sur le web Régine Robin 1998 22.04.2014
Automatype Daniel C. Howe 2012 31.08.2013 algorithmic text generation, ambient, minimalism, text art
Autorschaft und ihre automatische Generierung Cornelia Sollfrank 2004 04.07.2013 radio, radio play, authorship, generated, play, sound
AutoSummarize Jason Huff 2010 05.11.2012 literature, Microsoft Word, reduction, relevance, summarize
Aveiro Pedro Barbosa 1977 01.05.2015
Awakening Courtney Kaòhinani Rowe 2002 28.06.2013 puberty, hypertext
B A C K L I T Cris Cheek 2012 24.06.2013 conversation, embodiment, facebook, mailing list, performance, projection, translocal, twitter
BA-Tale Zuzana Husárová, Ľubomír Panák 2011 05.11.2013 Bratislava, interactive, intermedial, narrative, Slovak, storytelling
Babel Simon Biggs 2001 18.09.2012 classification, data visualization, Dewey Decimal System, interface, mapping, navigation
Baby Work Shu Lea Cheang 2012 24.06.2013 audio, child labor, cloning, dissemble, haptic, installation, performance, play
Back in the R.O.K. Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2009 07.11.2011 experimental cinema, Flash
Backbeat AR Cantú 2008 08.01.2013
Backtrack Rebecca Boland 2014 26.01.2015 car crash, digital storytelling, memory
Bacterias argentinas Santiago Ortiz 2004 18.07.2014 genetic code, information, installation, visualization
Bad Machine Dan Shiovitz 1999 31.08.2013 codework, fiction, games, interactive fiction, TADS
Baila Loss Pequeño Glazier 2006 06.05.2015 dance, digital poetry, randomness
Bajke Ziga Turk, Barbara Zeleznik, Igor Bizjak 1986 14.03.2013 adventure game, hypertext
Bare Bones Joellyn Rock 2002 14.11.2013 adaptation, desire, fairly tale, hypertext, narrative, subversion, translation
Barnesbook: Four Poems Derived from Sentences by Djuna Barnes Jackson Mac Low, Charles O. Hartman, Djuna Barnes 1996 09.05.2015 computer-generated poetry, DIASTEXT, diastic, digital poetry
Basho's Frogger and JABBER Neil Hennessy 2000 31.08.2013 conceptual, games, haiku, Java, parody, poetry
Basta con abrir las puertas de un hotel (Hotel Minotauro) Domenico Chiappe 2013 15.04.2015
Bathroom Sketches David Jhave Johnston 2008 31.08.2013 audio, Flash, scheduled, water
Beabá Waldemar Cordeiro 1968 30.04.2015 algorithmic text generation, antecedents, Brazilian electronic poetry
Bean Project Carolyn Black 2002 31.08.2013 dreamweaver, HTML, hypertext, javascript, linear
BEAST Jacques Servin 1997 12.07.2013 commodification, hypermedia, hypertext, image and text, Java, pop-ups, semiotics
Beautopia Laura Sullivan 2002 14.01.2013 beauty, critical new media, gender, hypertext, Java, political, subjectivity
Because You Asked Alan Bigelow 2006 31.08.2013 audio, e-poetry, Flash, hypermedia, self-portrait
Beckett's Bounce Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2002 30.03.2012 experimental cinema, Flash
Beer Komninos Zervos 2004 09.07.2013 letter morphing, Flash, kinetic poetry
Beim Bäcker Claudia Klinger 1996 04.07.2013 collaborative
Being Human Annie Abrahams 03.05.2015
Bembo's Zoo Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich 2000 31.08.2013 audio, Flash, kinetic, scheduled, typography
Beneath Floes Kevin Snow 2015 30.04.2015 art-game, hypertext, interactive fiction, videogames
Berlioz Ted Warnell 2000 19.02.2012 tone poem
best.hello Kathleen Ottinger 2014 22.04.2015 appropriated text, text manipulation, appropriation, visual media, Web poem
Between Page and Screen Amaranth Borsuk, Brad Bouse 2012 31.08.2013 3D, artist's book, augmented reality, book screen hybrid, fiducials, markers, paragrams, pop-up book, puns, webcam
Between Treacherous Objects Jason Nelson 2006 31.08.2013 3D, Flash, hypermedia, poetry
Beyond Manzanar Tamiko Thiel, Zara Houshmand 2001 29.08.2013 concentration camp, japanese garden, virtual worlds, world war II, Japan, navigation, VR, VRML, war
Beyond Truth and Reason Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2010 05.11.2011 audio narrator, experimental cinema, Flash 0100101110101101.ORG Collective 2001 01.10.2011
Big Swing Kenneth Calhoun 2010 11.04.2013 audio, exploratory, hypertext, narrative, photography, video
Biggz Loss Pequeño Glazier, Simon Biggs 2006 31.08.2013 e-poetry, HTML, javascript, scheduled
Bindings David Jhave Johnston 2012 01.09.2013 dance, performance, video
Birdfall Mez Breeze 2000 01.09.2013 audio, Flash, HTML, kinetic, scheduled, Shockwave, static
Birds Singing Other Birds' Songs María Mencía 2001 30.07.2014 animality, audio, kinetic typography, music, noise, representation, responsive, sound, sound poetry, transcription
Birds Still Warm from Flying Jason Nelson 2010 01.09.2013 audio, cube, Flash, responsive
Bit.Fall Julius Popp 2006 19.08.2014 news feed, waterfall, algorithm, installation, language
Blackout Michael Valeur 1997 23.04.2015 CD-ROM, game, narrative
Blind Side of a Secret Thomas Swiss, Nils Mühlenbruch, Yoshi Sodeoka, Motomichi Nakamura 2007 18.10.2012 audio, collaboration, Flash, remix
Blinding Lights Adrianna De Barros 2001 01.09.2013 audio, Flash, poem, scheduled, sound, text
Bliss: An Interactive Harrowing Cameron Wilkin 1999 29.06.2013 anti-violence, game, interactive fiction
Blue Company Rob Wittig 2002 11.09.2013 comedy, e-mail, email narrative, fiction, network forms, web
Blue Hyacinth Jim Andrews, Pauline Masurel 2002 09.03.2015 combinatorial, cut-up, generative, random
Blue Lacuna Aaron A. Reed 2009 20.06.2012 interactive fiction, novel, reactive characters
Blue Light Kirsten Petersen, Nicole Anderson, Page Schumacher, Kevin Diep, Allison Gray, Tyler Lundfelt, Dylan Symington 2011 14.09.2012 locative, mobile, narrative, security
Blue Rooms Liz Crain 2000 04.07.2013 fiction, hypertext
Blue Velvet David Theo Goldberg, Stefka Hristova 2006 12.01.2013 documentary, hurricane, New Orleans, vectors
Blueberries Susan Gibb 2009 24.11.2012 hypertext, tinderbox
Bluzgator generator Paweł Kozioł 16.04.2013 algorithmic text generation, application, data-collection, interactive, randomness
Bob Casio’s Dead Cameraman Michael J. Maguire 2008 16.04.2015
Bodies of Water David Clark, Nick Rudnicki 2011 26.10.2011
Bodybuilding Frank Fietzek 1998 07.07.2012 installation, interaction design, interactive installation, interface
Bodyless Art Roman Minaev 2001 04.09.2013 net art
Bogen jeg ikke skriver Mai Misfeldt 2001 23.04.2015 e-lit, electronic fiction, memoir, Nordic, philosophical, static, traditional literature
Böhmische Dörfer Alexandra Saemmer 2011 13.11.2014 history, memory, prezi, trauma
Bokstavene Sigurd Tenningen, Kristian Pedersen 2010 21.04.2015 alphabet, animation, letters, microfilm, visual
Bokstavlek Morten Skogly 21.04.2015 birds, digital toys, Flash, instrumental text, kinetic, non-morphemic, toy
Boogie-Woogie Wonderland Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2003 12.10.2011 Flash
Book and Volume Nick Montfort 2006 06.12.2012 city, constraint, interactive fiction, space, work
Book of Books Simon Biggs 2003 28.06.2013
Book of Endings Noah Wardrip-Fruin 1994 08.04.2014 fiction, hypertext fiction, narrative, network fiction, web
Book of Shadows Simon Biggs 1994 18.09.2012 animation, CD-ROM, documentation, interactive
Book of Waste Andy Campbell 2003 02.07.2013 multilinearity, audio, dark, short fiction, video
book review: not a b (pdp remix) Chris Funkhouser 2008 09.10.2012 anagrammatic poem, animation, audio, electronic poetry, multimedia animation
Book Unbound John Cayley 1995 01.10.2011 1990s, download, generative, hypercard, hypertext, Mac
Borderline Donna Leishman 2012 24.06.2013 audiovisual, participatory, performance, VJ
Brainstrips Alan Bigelow 2008 01.09.2013 appropriation, audio, comics, humor, irony, narrtive, non-fiction, parody, satire, visual, word-and-image
Brandon Shu Lea Cheang 1998 18.04.2014 trans, transsexuality, body, cyberfeminism, episodic, feminism, gender
Bread.Crumbs Talan Memmott 1998 23.01.2013 hyperlink, hypertext, linear, mythology, narrative, textual
Breathe David Knoebel, Reiner Strasser 2000 25.04.2014
Breathing at the Galaxy’s Edges Deena Larsen 1999 01.10.2011 haiku, hypertext poem
Breathing/Secret of Roe Jonathan Carr 2002 01.09.2013 anger, audio, bipolar, depression, fighting, Flash, sadness
Bridle Your Tongue Hiram Sims, Steven Newell 2014 12.02.2015 animated poetry, digital kinetic poetry, video poem, concrete poetry, digital concrete poetry, poetry, visual poem, visual poetry, YouTube
Broken Alan Sondheim, Barry Smylie 2000 01.09.2013 audio, body, Flash, imagination, power, responsive, sex, sleep
Bronze Emily Short 2005 02.07.2013 beauty and the beast, fairytale, adaptation, interactive fiction
Brown House Kitchen Judy Malloy 1993 12.10.2011 generative, interactive fiction, moo
Bruno Latourbot Anonymous 2013 01.09.2013 bot, social media, twitter
BRUTUS Selmer Bringsjord, David Ferrucci 2000 03.07.2013 betrayal, generative, narrative, story generator
Brzinski spomeniki Marko Košnik 1994 14.03.2013 audio, expressive processing, figures of manipulation, voices
Bus David Hadbawnik 2001 01.09.2013 audio, Flash, scheduled, static
Bust Down the Door Again! Gates of Hell-Victoria Version Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2004 06.04.2015 unfolding, audio, dream, e-poetry, experimental cinema, Flash, narrative, remix
Bust Down the Doors! Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2000 01.10.2011 audio, experimental cinema, Flash, narrative
Buzz Aldrin Doesn't Know Any Better Jason Edward Lewis 2012 01.09.2013 iOS touch, responsive
BwO André Sier 2008 12.09.2013 code art, 3D, datascape, embodiment, immersive installations
Bølgeslag 2013 19.11.2013 poetry film, animation
C()n Du It Katarzyna Giełżyńska 2012 05.10.2012 animation, audio, irony, video, web criticism
C282 Eric Sérandour 1997 30.08.2013
çacocophonie Philippe Castellin 2013 05.10.2014 animated poetry, cacophony, conflict, digital kinetic poetry, love, parody, Processing
Calaboca Lenora de Barros 2006 30.04.2015 Brazilian electronic poetry, oi futuro, poiesis, video art, video performance, video poetry
Califia M. D. Coverley 2000 17.01.2013 California, character, fiction, history, hypertext, multimedia, multimodal, narrative, novel, Toolbook
Calling America Mark Cooley 2007 09.01.2013 activism, documentary, oral history, participatory journalism
Calypsis: A Hypertext Fiction William Trent Hergenrader 2013 25.04.2014 role-playing, collaborative, narrative
Camel Tail Sonny Rae Tempest 2012 01.09.2013 HTML, javascript, remix, scheduled, static
Caminant J.M. Calleja 06.12.2011
Camões e as Voltas que o Computador (lhe) Dá Pedro Barbosa 1977 02.05.2015
Campbell's Soup Town Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries 2011 01.09.2013 audio, Flash, scheduled
Can You See Me Now? Blast Theory 2001 28.06.2013
Candles for a Street Corner Robert Kendall, Michele D'Auria 2004 18.10.2012 audio, city, collaboration, double entendre, electronic poetry, epoetry, Flash, melancholy, sex
Cannibal Dreams Lacy Cunningham, Justin Talbott 2010 01.09.2013 CSS, HTML, hypertext, javascript, responsive, static
Canticle Samantha Gorman, Danny Cannizzaro 24.03.2012
Cantoos Dan Waber 2010 01.09.2013 generative, javascript, responsive
Canyonlands: Edward Abbey in the Great American Desert Roderick Coover 2010 16.06.2012 activism, American studies, anarchism, cinemascape, critical ecologies, cultural geography, direct action, documentary, environment, environmentalism, history, hypertext, interactive cinema, landscape, navigation, nonfiction, sabotage, wilderness
Caosflor Pedro Valdeolmillos 2011 18.06.2012 depth, kinetic poetry
Capped Andy Campbell 2006 01.10.2011 alien invasion, atmospheric, childhood, dark, false memories, john christopher, memories, moody, mouse-responsive, the tripods, video games, white mountains
Car Wash Megan Sapnar 2000 01.09.2013 audio, death, father, Flash, image and text, loss, mourning, music
Caractères Marie Bélisle 2005 28.06.2013
Card Catalogs and Electronic Books Judy Malloy 1976 01.10.2011 1970s, 1980s, artist books
Cardamom of the Dead Caitlin Fisher 2014 05.02.2015 hoarding, narrative environment, oculus rift, Unity, audio, memoir, memory, virtual reality, VR
Careless Observations Robert Hudecek 2011 07.10.2012 image and text, ipad, participatory, photography
CARNIVAL Steve McCaffery 1967 14.02.2013 concrete poetry, sound poetry, typewriter
Carnivore Alexander R. Galloway, Radical Software Group 2002 29.08.2013 surveillance, tactical media
carrier (becoming symborg) Damien Everett, Melinda Rackham 1999 09.12.2011 audio, collaboration, documentary, games, javascript, memoir, Shockwave, viral, VRML
Cartografi Daniela Calisi 2011 09.11.2011
Carving in Possibilities Deena Larsen 2001 01.09.2013 animation, art, audio, collaboration, Flash, kinetic, poetry, sculpture, time-based
Catalogue: Nothingness Kate Armstrong 2003 16.10.2012 consumerism, defamiliarization, hypertext, intervention, narrative
Catharsis Pedro Valle Javier 2013 01.09.2013 HTML, hypertext, responsive, static
cave.cubes Daniel C. Howe 2005 03.10.2012 3D, CAVE
Ce qui me passe par la tête Myriam Bernardi 2002 21.04.2014
Ceci n'est pas un Nike Giselle Beiguelman 2002 30.04.2015 digital art, image and text, interaction, representation, self-reflexivity
Cent mille milliards de poèmes Raymond Queneau 1961 26.08.2013 antecedents, combinatory poetics, Oulipo, writing under constraint
Cent mille milliards de poèmes (digital version, 1989) Raymond Queneau 1989 29.08.2013
Cent mille milliards de poèmes (web version, 1997) Raymond Queneau 1997 26.08.2013 adaptation, generative, Oulipo, poetry, sonnet, web
Changed Andy Campbell 2011 26.01.2013 atmospheric, attack, dark, digital fiction, dreams, escape, experience, girl, haunting, HTML5, javascript, memories, mobile phone, moody, nightmare, teenager, transient, violence
changeEverything Serge Bouchardon, Vincent Volckaert, Hervé Zénouda 2011 01.09.2013 audio, HTML, javascript, responsive
changerTout Serge Bouchardon, Vincent Volckaert, Hervé Zénouda 2011 01.10.2011
Chaos Eduardo Kac 1986 25.11.2012 Brazilian electronic poetry, Eduardo Kac, holopoem, spatial
CHAOSity NIki Nolin, Wade Roberts, Karen Osborne, Maureen Seaton 2000 15.01.2013 animation, audio, collaboration, Flash, prose poems, sound
Charmin' Cleary Edward Falco 1999 08.07.2013 college, fiction, hypertext, sex, short story, violence
charNG Edde Addad 2011 25.02.2012 generative
Chasing Pandora Allyson Cikor, Emily Devereux, Greg Turnbull, Mathew Vickery, Trent Redmond 2011 01.09.2013 audio, HTML, hypertext, responsive
chatpoetry Nelli Rothvee 1997 21.10.2011
Chemical Landscapes Digital Tales Edward Falco, Mary Pinto, Will Stauffer-Norris 2006 01.09.2013 collaboration, fiction, Flash, HTML/DHTML, hypertext, photogram, time-based, visual narrative
Chi ha ucciso David Crane? (Who killed David Crane?) Fabrizio Verrandi 2010 20.03.2013 crime, hypertext
Childhood in Richmond Komninos Zervos 2001 16.10.2012 audio, Flash, images, interactive, spoken word
Chinois (ma vie) Philippe de Jonckheere 2002 28.06.2013 fiction, HTML, hypertext
Christminster Gareth Rees 1995 02.07.2013 interactive fiction
Chroma Erik Loyer 2001 01.09.2013 audio, games, narrative, poetry, race, Shockwave
Chronicle of Deaths Forgotten Duc Thuan 2002 01.09.2013 audio, death, Flash, responsive
Chu Ta Thomas Bell 2003 01.09.2013 animated gif, scheduled, static
Chyphertext Performance Bjørn Magnhildøen 2007 30.01.2013 code poetics, network protocols, performance
Cidade City Cité Erthos Albino de Souza 1972 30.04.2015 antecedents, Brazilian concrete poetry, Brazilian electronic poetry, digital poetry
cidadecitycité Augusto de Campos 1999 30.04.2015 augusto de campos, Brazilian elit, city, epoetry, flash poem
Cinema Volta: Weird Science and Childhood Memory James Petrillo 1994 10.01.2013 cinema, image and text, memoir, memory Alan Bigelow 1999 28.06.2012
Circle Caitlin Fisher 2011 01.09.2013 augmented reality, narrative
Circumstances Katie Campbell 2011 01.02.2012 Flash, photoshop, poem
City of Angles and Anguish David Herrstrom 1999 12.10.2011 hypertext, poetry
City of dreams Francesca da Rimini 1999 11.10.2014 cyberfeminism, desire, memory, narrative, non-linear
City of Secrets Emily Short 2003 18.10.2012 espionage, fantasy, interactive fiction, thriller
CityFish J. R. Carpenter 2010 01.09.2013 Canada, childhood, city vs. countryside, displacement, family, google maps, identity, maps, narrative, new york, Nova Scotia, panorama, summer vacations, video
Cityman Story Pedro Barbosa 1996 11.07.2013 generated narrative, story generator
Cityscapes: Social Poetics / Public Textualities María Mencía 2005 11.04.2013 calligram, city, collaboration, cross-cultural communication, exploration
Claire Donato's We Discuss Disgust: Patafeminism Rides The Digital Abject: Cixous, Kristeva, Lispector, Jackson, Hayles, Damon, Lorde, and Others Claire Donato, Jeff T. Johnson, Special America (Claire Donato and Jeff T. Johnson) 2014 27.06.2014
Clearance Andy Campbell, Judi Alston 2008 19.10.2012 abandoned, apocalypse, apocalyptic, atmospheric, carving, dark, glimpsing, mouse-responsive, stone, video, video art, video poetry
Click John Barth 1997 01.10.2011 hypertext, postmodern fiction, short story
Clippings Jason Nelson, Pedro Valdeolmillos 2006 01.09.2013 Flash, love, responsive
Cloak of Darkness Roger Firth 02.07.2013 authoring system, interactive fiction
Cloe Susana Heredia, Cristina Saraldi 17.07.2014 hypermedia novel, project, chat, e-mail fiction, hypertext fiction
Clone-ing God & Ange-Lz Mez Breeze 2000 03.05.2013 audio, Flash, HTML, kinetic, scheduled, Shockwave
Closed Reality – Embryo Andreja Kuluncic 1999 18.03.2013 collaboration, experimental games, interactive
Cloud #1 Braxton Soderman 2007 01.09.2013 scheduled, static
Cloudberries Stephanie Strickland 2001 18.01.2013
Clues Robert Kendall 2002 14.01.2013 animation, audio, fiction, Flash, hypertext, hypertext fiction, interactive, javascript, metaphysics, mystery
Code Kandy Sandrine Deumier 2013 29.09.2013
Code Movie 1 Giselle Beiguelman 2004 04.02.2014 animation, code, inscription, movie
code.poetry.executables Ted Warnell 2001 08.07.2013 code poetry, executable, codework
Codeswitching 23μg Theodoros Chiotis 2007 01.10.2011 code, database narrative, Dewey Decimal System, post-print fiction, protocol, text
codework parenthetical insertions Edde Addad 2011 25.02.2012
Codeworks: Netart on the border of Language and Codes Florian Cramer 2005 06.11.2012 codework, net literature, radio art
Código de barras Alma Pérez 2006 28.03.2012 distance, sound, voice
Coeva: Il romanzo / The novel TheCoevas Strumentisti di parole 2011 10.04.2015
COG (I) Loss Pequeño Glazier 2002 15.01.2013 combinatory, Flash, interactive, kinetic poetry, visual poetry
Collage / Montage: Idensen live! Heiko Idensen 2005 06.11.2012 live performance, net literature, radio art
Collection Greg Philbrook 2011 03.02.2012 narrative, video
Collocations: Indra's Net II John Cayley 1993 31.07.2012 algorithmic text generation, hypercard, interactive poetry
Colossal Cave Adventure Will Crowther, Don Woods 1976 01.10.2011 1970s, interactive fiction, text adventure
Come non detto Marco Cetera 2012 30.06.2013 hypertext, novel
Comedy of Errors Mark Amerika 19.06.2014
Commedia Krešimir Pintaric 2006 18.03.2013 computer-assisted poetry, HTML, web
Common Ground: One Night in a Three-story House Stephen Granade 1999 17.01.2013 character, game, interactive fiction, suburbs, TADS 2
Common Tongues John Cayley, Daniel C. Howe 2012 25.08.2014 conceptual literature, conceptual writing, custom software, multimedia, networked audiovisual installation, writing to be found, writing through search
Como el cielo los ojos (Like the sky the eyes) Edith Checa 1998 29.03.2013 hypertext novel, interactive, multi plot, timeline
Completely Automated Samantha Gorman, Danny Cannizzaro 2010 27.04.2013
Composition Camille Utterback 2000 12.01.2013 composition, image to text, live, symbols, text, video
Composition No. 1 Marc Saporta 1961 29.06.2013 artist book, cybertext, nonlinear fiction
Composition No. 1 Marc Saporta 2011 01.10.2011 app, artist book, cybertext, narrative, nonlinear fiction
Compréhension Annie Abrahams 1997 04.12.2014 electronic literature, kinetic poetry
Comprendre / Understanding Annie Abrahams 1997 21.04.2014
Computer Aided Poetry Eugenio Tisselli 2006 10.06.2013 generative, generative poetry
Computer Poetry Silvestre Pestana 1981 30.04.2015 spectrum, ZX81, ZX82, BASIC, computer poetry, visual poetry
Computer Poetry ZX81 Silvestre Pestana 1981 30.04.2015 ZX81, computer poetry, visual poetry
Computerized Japanese Haiku Margaret Masterman, Robin McKinnon-Wood 1968 21.08.2014 poetry generators, haiku, poetry
Concatenation Geniwate 03.03.2012
concrete_machine Johannes Auer 2003 11.11.2012 digital concrete poetry, text picture, text-input
Condiciones extremas Juan B. Gutiérrez 1998 20.11.2013 digital narrative
Conduit d'Aération Alexandra Saemmer, Lucile Haute, Aurélie Herbet 2012 14.12.2013
Confucius Say Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2006 26.10.2011
Confucius Say Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2006 07.11.2011 experimental cinema, Flash
Connected Memories María Mencía 2009 05.11.2013 database, installation, interview, narration, orality, performance, Processing, reading, refugee, time
Consensus Trance Andy Campbell 25.09.2013
Considering a Baby? Adrienne Eisen 2004 28.06.2013 baby, postpartum depression, pregancy, fiction, hypertext, narrative
Contemplating Flight Donna Leishman 2008 12.01.2013 Flash, folktales, image, interaction, performance, symbols
Conversation Jason Nelson 2003 01.09.2013 audio, e-poetry, Flash, kinetic, responsive
coraçãocabeça Augusto de Campos 1980 30.04.2015 augusto de campos, early Brazilian electronic poetry, neoconcrete, noigrandes
Core Sample Teri Rueb 2007 05.02.2012 geography, locative
Corporate Text Cannibal Patricia Tomaszek 2008 03.09.2012 creative cannibalism, digital cannibalism, performance, poetry, remix, video
Corposcopio Lucia Leão 2007 30.04.2015 brazilian new media art, dance, digital aesthetics, interactive performance
Correspondences Joseph Butch Rovan 2010 12.04.2013 dream logic, gesture, memory, music, poetry, time, translation, video
Credits Young-Hae Chang, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Marc Voge 2001 18.06.2012 credits, Flash
Crimes Christophe Petchanatz 1991 30.08.2013
Critical Sections Erik Loyer, Greg J. Smith 26.04.2012
Croatian Tales of Long Ago Helena Bulaja 2002 08.01.2013 animation, children's literature, Flash, folk tales, game, interactive animation, mythology, narrative
Crossed Lines Sarah Atkinson 2007 10.04.2013 installation, interactive film, multi plot, multilinear
Crosstalk Simon Biggs 2013 29.07.2013
Crowds and Power Jody Zellen 2002 06.10.2012 animated text, HTML, pop-ups
Cruising Ingrid Ankerson, Megan Sapnar 2001 01.09.2013 adolescence, audio, cinematic, collaboration, driving, Flash, place, poetry, romance, visual poetry
Cthalloween Jay Bushman 2009 01.09.2013 netprov, twitter
Cuando enciendas los párpados Oscar Martín Centeno 25.07.2014 computer animated poetry, Flash
Cultural Identity, Nothingness and Loneliness Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2006 13.10.2011 Flash, presentation
Cultures in Webs: Working in Hypermedia with the Documentary Image Roderick Coover 2003 13.01.2013 art, diary, documentary, ethnographic, fieldnotes, hypertext, interactive, interactive cinema, nonfiction, participant observation, photography, travel writing, wine
Cunnicornord Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 02.10.2011
Cunnilingus in Nordkorea Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2004 12.11.2012 experimental cinema, Flash, gender equality, sex, sexual equality, South Korea vs. North Korea
Cunnilingus in North Korea Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2003 01.09.2013 dialectic, dialectical materialism, experimental cinema, Flash, irony, satire, sexuality
Cunnilingus Norcoreano Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 02.10.2011
Curlew Dene Grigar, Greg Philbrook 2014 20.03.2015 Nuit Noire, off course, texture, topos, Dene Grigar
Curses Graham Nelson 1993 02.07.2013 attic, curse, interactive fiction, map
Custom Orthotics Changed My Life Richard Holeton 2010 19.10.2012 bullet points, narrative, powerpoint, slideshow, video
Cut to the Flesh Deena Larsen, Jody Zellen 2004 01.09.2013 audio, Flash, responsive, scheduled
Cut-up Christophe Petchanatz 1992 30.08.2013 computer generated text, generated narrative, algorithmic text generation, generator
Cyberpoetry Underground Komninos Zervos 2001 01.09.2013 Flash, interactive, interface, machine voice, multimedia, recombination, sound poetry
Czarne Jagody Susan Gibb 2012 02.02.2012 hypertext
Dada News Feed Eugenio Tisselli 2003 29.06.2013 images, news
DADA TO GO: A WALKTHROUGH LEVELS Sylvia Egger 2005 08.11.2012 dada, net literature, radio art
DADADATA Hartmut Landwehr 04.07.2013 dada
dadastream Ted Warnell 1998 15.11.2013 code poetry, codework, visual poetry
Dadaventuras Chris Joseph, Maria Colino 2004 16.06.2012 absurd, aleatory narrative, dada, Flash, hypermedia, narrative, random
daddylabyrinth Steven Wingate 2014 17.02.2015 multimedia web book, new media memoir, scalar, archive, essay, family, father, interactivity, new media narrative, non-linearity
Dage med Diam eller Livet om natten Svend Åge Madsen 1972 17.08.2013
Daily Rozalie Hirs 2011 14.12.2011
Dakota Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2001 30.04.2015 digital fiction, digital modernism, Flash, narrative, road narrative
Damascene Milorad Pavić 1998 18.03.2013 fiction, hypertext, non-linear
Dandelion Chance Travis Alber 2008 20.10.2012 animation, Flash, image and text, music
Dans la gueule du loup Nicolas Clauss, Jean-Jacques Birgé 2003 28.04.2013 audio, kinetic, responsive, Shockwave
das buch gertrud Reinhard Döhl 1996 05.11.2012


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