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El primer vuelo de los hermanos Wright Juan B. Gutiérrez 1995 08.12.2015 fiction, hypertext, novel
Re:Cycle III Jim Bizzocchi 2014 17.12.2015 computational, computational engine, generative video, ice, rivers, semantic coherence, sequential art, snow, video clips, video transitions, visual pleasure, waterfalls, attention, image, meaning, motion, mountains, nature, tags, trees
"a crisis in se_Mantics: gendered symbols and notion" in computer graphics imaging Claudia Herbst 2002 28.04.2016 lyricism, CGI, code, critical new media, gender, programming, symbols
"Where you will have been I am..." [not yet found] John Cayley 2009 01.07.2015 Google, performance, performance writing, search engine, singularity
#! [Shebang] Nick Montfort 2014 01.07.2015 computer generated poetry, computer program, wholeness, conceptual writing, digital poetry, script
## READ WRITE GARDEN ## J. R. Carpenter 2013 01.07.2015 code poetry, anthology, artist book, code comments, collaboration, erasure, print, Ruby
#4artforfreedom Chris Funkhouser 17.12.2015 Confucius, gender equity, imagery, lanuage, poetic text, self-sustainability, sonic, visual aesthetic, anagrammatic poem, digital poetry, multimedia
#Carnivast Andy Campbell, Mez Breeze 2013 24.09.2015 code poetry, 3D, mezangelle, mobile, virtual environment, visual poetry
#CryAndSobForVisualInnocence Mez Breeze 2014 01.07.2015 code poetry, Codewurk, Social Commentary, social critique, codework
#gifandcircumstance Allison Parrish 2012 01.07.2015 animated gif, bot, generative, memes, Python, social, twitter
#Hvisjegvarhvit 2013 01.07.2015 collaborative, twitter
#outofblue Marion Schwehr 2014 01.07.2015
#OutsideUrDoor Mez Breeze 2010 01.07.2015 alternate reality game, live performance, twitter
#PRISOM Andy Campbell, Mez Breeze 2013 01.07.2015 code poetry, virtual worlds, mezangelle
#s1gn/4l Álvaro Seiça 2015 19.11.2015 decontextualization, dislocation, disruption, order, sign, signal, transgression, twitter-poem, poetry
%Location JODI 1997 01.07.2015 codework, interface, network, protocol, subversion
'Scape the Hood Leslie Rule 2005 01.07.2015
(a grammar of signs has replaced a botany of symptoms) J. R. Carpenter 1998 01.07.2015 botany, early web, body, foucault, frames, narrative
(Dis)Location, (Dis)Connection, (Dis)Embodiment Mark Cooley 2007 10.04.2016 association, audio, collaboration, database, juxtaposition, media art, random, video
(go) fish Loss Pequeño Glazier 1998 01.07.2015 fish, animated gif, digital poetry
(Re)Playing The Lottery Joseph Peters 2014 17.12.2015 choices, rewind, shirley jackson, the lottery, chance, future, interactive narrative, interactivity, randomness, reinterpretation, short story
(S)PACING Talan Memmott 2009 01.07.2015 audio, Flash, installation, keyboard, movement, performance, sensors, time, video
**** (four stars) Michael Avatar 1997 01.07.2015 happiness, instructions, audio, conceptual art, HTML, hypertext
*water writes always in *plural Linda Carroli, Josephine Wilson 1998 01.07.2015 collaboration, hypertext, network fiction
...and by islands I mean paragraphs J. R. Carpenter 2013 10.02.2016 Ballard, Bishop, Coetzee, computer generated text, Defoe, generated narratives, guidebook, Hakluyt, islands, paragraph, white space, classics, deleuze, détournement, intertextuality, Shakespeare, text generation
...hihi... Evgenia Sarbeva 2010 01.07.2015 computer, conversation, self-reflexivity
...Reusement Jerome Fletcher 2007 01.07.2015 bilingual, erasure, performance writing, performative, projective art
//**Code_Up Giselle Beiguelman 2004 01.07.2015 algorithm, application, code, film, images, manipulation, numeric systems, remediation
1/2/3 Anna Tolkacheva 2015 12.09.2015 interactive screens, photos, poetry, video, videopoem
10 Poemes en 4 Dimensions Xavier Malbreil 03.05.2015 animated gif, animation, epistemology, image and text, visual poetry
10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 Nick Montfort 2012 01.07.2015 BASIC, code, commodore 64, poetry
10 Print ebooks Mark Sample 2012 01.07.2015 bot, markov chain, twitter
10% borger / 10% citizen Beathe C. Rønning 2005 01.07.2015 conversation, found text, library
10:01 Lance Olsen, Tim S Guthrie 2005 01.07.2015 audio, avant-pop, collaboration, fiction, Flash, hypertext, visual narrative
11 Ways to Escape the Symbolic Field Andreas Maria Jacobs 2013 10.02.2016 Internet audience, Internet text, spoken poetry, animation, sound art
12 Easy Lessons to Better Time Travel Mark C. Marino 1998 29.11.2015 chatbot, chatterbot, humor, hyperfiction, hypertext, timetravel
18h39 Serge Bilous, Lagny Fabien, Piacenza Bruno 1997 01.07.2015
1999 Barry Smylie 1999 01.07.2015 audio, Flash, game, history, HTML/DHTML, iconography, nostalgia, pop culture
2 sides/2 lados Maria Lucia Cattani 2010 31.03.2016 book art, digital manipulation, laser cut, wall drawing, book arts, drawing, script, signs, site-specific, surface
20% d’amour en plus François Coulon 1996 28.11.2015 fiction, hypertext, hypertext novel, interactive, non-linear, novel, sound and image, story
2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words Nick Montfort, William Gillespie 2002 01.07.2015 cyborg author, palindrome, collaboration, illustration, story
21 días Isaías Herrerro Florensa 2006 01.07.2015
217 Views of the Tokaido Line Will Luers 2011 01.07.2015 essay, generated poetry, haiku, loop, motion, poetry, travel, video
23:40 Das Gedächtnis Guido Grigat 1997 01.07.2015
24 heures d’Adrien Pierre-Olivier Fineltin 1998 01.07.2015
24 hours with someone you know... Phillipa J. Burne 1996 01.07.2015 branching path, HTML, hypertext
243 cartes postales en couleurs véritables Georges Perec 1978 01.07.2015 algorithm, combinatorial techniques, fiction, game, interactive, postcards
25 de Novembro Pedro Barbosa 1977 01.07.2015
253 Geoff Ryman 1996 25.01.2016 collision, crash, London, tube, underground, fiction, hypertext, narrative, train
2translation Grégory Chatonsky 2002 01.07.2015 camera, adaptation, Flash, music, typography


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