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Teaching Resources

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Title Author Type of Resource Updated
51 Responses: What inspired you to get involved with Digital Literature David Jhave Johnston Other Teaching Resource 13.02.2012
Amado Nervo: lecturas de una obra en el tiempo Gustavo Jiménez Aquirre Lesson plan 12.08.2014
An Annotated Bibliography Of Interactive Fiction Scholarship Dennis G. Jerz Bibliography 14.12.2012
Archive, Database, Interface (English 5380, History 5348, Spring 2009) Carolyn Guertin Syllabus 20.06.2012
Artist-Screencast with Stephanie Strickland on "Errand Upon Which We Came" Stephanie Strickland, Patricia Tomaszek Video tutorial or lesson 20.02.2014
Authoring 2.0: Writing Digital Culture (ENGL 5380-001) Carolyn Guertin Syllabus 28.03.2012
Authoring Software Judy Malloy Other Teaching Resource 29.09.2014
Chapter 3: Hypertext Fiction Paul Amore Other Teaching Resource 28.06.2013
Choose Your Own Adventure Assignment Matthew G. Kirschenbaum Exercise 16.09.2012
Creative Writing and New Media Archive Other Teaching Resource 07.09.2012
Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games (DIKULT 103, Spring 2011) Jill Walker Rettberg, Patricia Tomaszek, Mark C. Marino, Rita Raley Syllabus 24.08.2012
Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games (DIKULT 103, Spring 2012) Davin Heckman, Patricia Tomaszek Syllabus 24.07.2012
Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games (DIKULT 103, Spring 2013) Leonardo L. Flores, Elisabeth Nesheim Syllabus 07.03.2013
Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games (DIKULT 103, Spring 2014) Judd Morrissey, Álvaro Seiça Syllabus 25.04.2014
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Fall 2012) Scott Rettberg, Jill Walker Rettberg, Leonardo L. Flores, Patricia Tomaszek Syllabus 24.01.2013
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, Spring 2015) Álvaro Seiça, Scott Rettberg Syllabus 21.01.2015
Digital Humanities in Practice (DIKULT 207, UiB, Fall 2013) Patricia Tomaszek, Scott Rettberg Syllabus 05.03.2013
Digital Humanities in Practice: Project Work on Developing a Scholarly Database of Electronic Literature (DIKULT 207, Autumn 2013) Elisabeth Nesheim, Scott Rettberg Syllabus 23.08.2013
Digital Literature (Engl 391, Fall 2008) Jessica Pressman Syllabus, Lesson plan 03.04.2012
Digital Literature (Engl 391, Fall 2010) Jessica Pressman Syllabus, Lesson plan 03.04.2012
Digital Literature and Arts II Peter Gendolla, Jörgen Schäfer, Roberto Simanowski Syllabus 13.11.2012
Digital Literature: Technologies of Storytelling (ENGL 352) David Ciccoricco Syllabus 18.04.2012
Digital Poetry (English 3116) Lori Emerson Syllabus 02.07.2013
Digital Poetry and the Limits of Interpretation (ENGL 5559) Lori Emerson Syllabus 03.04.2012
Digital Publishing (PUBL 6318) Kyle Schlesinger Syllabus 09.03.2012
Digital Storytelling (DTC 354) Dene Grigar Syllabus 03.04.2012
Discourse Networks and Media Ecologies: Literature, Technology and Culture from the Victorian Age to the Digital Era (MLI 395, Spring 2014) Eric Dean Rasmussen Syllabus, Bibliography, Other Teaching Resource 14.11.2013
E-Lit Forums: Culture and Technology (Engl 214) Brian Ganter Exercise 06.02.2014
E-lit Writing Exercise: Locative Corpse Mark C. Marino, Jeremy Douglass Lesson plan 10.10.2012
Ejercicio analítico basado en la lectura de una obra de literatura electrónica hispánica Maya Zalbidea Paniagua Exercise, Lesson plan, Bibliography 27.02.2014
Electronic Literature (DIKULT 203, Fall 2011) Davin Heckman Syllabus 04.04.2012
Electronic Literature (DIKULT 203, Fall 2012) Leonardo L. Flores Syllabus 25.08.2012
Electronic Literature (English 146) Rita Raley Syllabus 03.04.2012
Electronic Literature - Senior Seminar (Fall 2011) Chris Funkhouser Syllabus 03.04.2012
Electronic Literature Explained Mark C. Marino Video tutorial or lesson 01.10.2011
Electronic Literature Lab Fabio De Vivo Video tutorial or lesson 22.10.2011
Electronic Literature Organization's Archive-It Collection Other Teaching Resource 14.09.2012
Electronic Writing II (LITR 0210D, Spring 2008) Aya Natalia Karpinska Syllabus 09.10.2012
Estudis literaris i tecnologies digitals Laura Borràs Castanyer Other Teaching Resource 01.10.2011
Experimental Writing (21W.750) Nick Montfort Syllabus 20.01.2013
Fun da mentals: Rhetorical Devices for Electronic Literature Deena Larsen Other Teaching Resource 01.10.2011
Guías de lectura Javier Quindós, Mateo Ruiz Syllabus, Bibliography 12.08.2014
Hypertekst og Bringsværds "Faen" Jill Walker Rettberg Lesson plan 16.09.2012
Hypertext Scott Rettberg Syllabus 01.10.2011
Interactive Narrative (COSC 402, Fall 2013) Anastasia Salter Syllabus 20.08.2013
Internet Present and Future Alan Sondheim Syllabus 07.03.2013
Introduction to (New) Media (English 48A, Spring 2009) Lisa Swanstrom Syllabus 03.04.2012
Introduction to Electronic Literature: A Freeware Guide Brian Kim Stefans Other Teaching Resource 07.09.2012
Lectura d'Ítaca Laura Borràs Castanyer Lesson plan 12.08.2014
Literary Games: The Intersection of Writing and Play (DANM 132, UC Santa Cruz) Aaron A. Reed Syllabus 20.06.2012
Literature and Culture of Information (LCI) Specialization Alan Liu, Rita Raley Other Teaching Resource 19.10.2011
Literature and Media: Electronic Literature (EN1126, Fall 2010) Talan Memmott Syllabus 03.04.2012
MC23: Digital Media Wendy Chun, Joshua Neves Syllabus 21.01.2013
Mediums and Messages (Comparative Literature 163A) Lisa Swanstrom Syllabus 03.04.2012
Mirrorings: Art of the Copy (English 5380, Spring 2011) Carolyn Guertin Syllabus 23.06.2012
mobile poetics: a select bibliography of digital textuality/art apps Lori Emerson Bibliography 07.10.2012
Networked Culture (DTC 338) Kathi Inman Berens Syllabus 03.04.2012
New Cyborg Theory (LIT6932) Lisa Swanstrom Syllabus 03.04.2012
New Media Art (Wiki version) Mark Tribe, Reena Jana Other Teaching Resource 20.02.2014
New Media Creative Writing (English 5764, Fall 2007) Edward Falco Syllabus 03.04.2012
Poetry Connection: Link Up With Canadia Poetry Fred Wah Exercise 21.02.2014
Portal del proyecte Dante Laura Borràs Castanyer, Rafaelle Pinto, Isaías Herrero Florensa Lesson plan 12.08.2014
Post-Print Fiction (ENGH 400-002) Mark Sample Syllabus, Other Teaching Resource 14.09.2012
Readings on Digital Poetics (2011) Charles Bernstein Other Teaching Resource 01.10.2011
Respuesta de lectoras de literatura electrónica española Maya Zalbidea Paniagua Exercise 18.05.2014
Rhetoric and New Media (EN1306, Spring 2010) Talan Memmott Syllabus 03.04.2012
Teaching the Cybertext Taxonomy with Dice Jill Walker Rettberg Lesson plan 06.02.2013
Technologies of Text (GENS 410, Spring 2012) Ryan Cordell Syllabus 20.06.2012
Text in Art Natalia Fedorova Other Teaching Resource 17.01.2013
The Cyberspace, Hypertext, and Critical Theory Web George P. Landow Other Teaching Resource 28.08.2012
The Victorian Web George P. Landow Other Teaching Resource 14.09.2012
The Victorian Web de George Landow traducida al español George P. Landow, Asunción López-Varela Azcárate, Maya Zalbidea Paniagua, Xiana Sotelo Lesson plan, Bibliography, Other Teaching Resource 25.01.2014
The Word Made Digital (CMS 609J, Fall 2009) Nick Montfort Syllabus 03.04.2012
Timeline: La littérature numérique Philippe Bootz Bibliography 02.01.2015
Transcriptions: A Digital Humanities Project on the Cultures of Information Alan Liu, Rita Raley Other Teaching Resource 11.04.2012
UbuWeb Other Teaching Resource 03.02.2012
Visual Poetics of Literary Form Natalia Fedorova Other Teaching Resource 17.01.2013
Writing Material Differences (LITR 1230J, Spring 2012) John Cayley Syllabus, Lesson plan 19.09.2012
Курс лекций по комбинаторной литературе Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya Syllabus 04.09.2013