Digital Genres: Digital Art, Electronic Literature, and Computer Games (DIKULT 103, Spring 2011)


A introductory level BA course taught in the Digital Culture program at the University of Bergen. For each genre section, the course provides three-week introductions to genres of cultural artifacts particular to the network and the computer, specifically computer and network art, electronic literature, and computer games. Students in the course will learn to analyze contemporary digital artifacts on a textual and structural basis, within the general framework of genre studies.

Creative works referenced

Titlesort ascending Author Year
windsound John Cayley 1998
This is how you will die Jason Nelson 2005
These Waves of Girls: A Hypermedia Novella Caitlin Fisher 2001
The Dreamlife of Letters Brian Kim Stefans 2000
Stir Fry Texts Jim Andrews, Brian Lennon, Pauline Masurel 1999
Star Wars, One Letter at a Time Brian Kim Stefans 2005
slippingglimpse Stephanie Strickland, Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, Paul Ryan 2006
Roulette Daniel C. Howe, Feliz L. Molina 2008
my body — a Wunderkammer Shelley Jackson 1997
in absentia J. R. Carpenter 2008
Faith Robert Kendall 2002
Entre Ville J. R. Carpenter 2006
Dakota Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-Hae Chang, Marc Voge 2001
afternoon, a story Michael Joyce 1990
After Parthenope Scott Rettberg 2011
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