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"Roderick Coover's works employ digital media arts and experimental documentary methods to explore point of contacts between technologies, the social sciences and the humanities. Some themes include visual geographies, interactive panoramic, cultural narratives and their collective representations, and word-image relationships.

His new media art works and non-traditional documentary films been shown at venues such as Documenta Madrid, SIGGRAPH, DAC, the Krannert Museum, The Art Gallery, and the Esther Klein Gallery. His works include films such as The Language of Wine: An Ethnography of Work, Wine and the Senses and From Vérité to Virtual: Conversations on the Frontier of Visual Anthropology, interactive media such as the interactive CD-Rom Cultures in Webs: Working in Hypermedia With The Documentary Image, and museum installations such as Inside/Outside, currently on exhibition at the Museum of the Philosophical Society of America. A keynote speaker at the conference Text-Image-Narrative in Switzerland in 2006, a keynote mediamaker at the International Visual Sociology Association Conference - Buenos Aires, and a plenary speaker at the Whitney Biennial/University of Colorado sponsored conference, Rethinking the Visual, Coover is also the author of papers published in Visual Anthropology, Visual Studies, Film Quarterly, Film International, Cineaste and elsewhere. His awards include a USIA Hays-Fulbright Fellowship, a Whiting Fellowship, a Chicago Group on Modern France Fellowship, and an LEF foundation grant. An associate professor of Film and Media Arts at Temple University, he lives in Philadelphia.

Professional Affiliations: American Anthropological Assoc., Soc. for Visual Anthropology, College Arts Assoc., International Society for Visual Sociology, Society for Cinema Studies, University Film & Video Assoc." (

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