Jim Andrews

Vancouver , BC
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Jim Andrews is a net artist, poet, programmer, visual and audio artist, mathematician and essayist. He has been publishing vispo.com since 1996. He completed a degree in English and Mathematics at the U of Victoria in Canada in 1983. He then produced a literary radio show called Fine Lines and, later, ?FRAME? for six years that he distributed each week to 15 campus/community stations in Canada.

Encountering the radio art and theoretical writing of Gregory Whitehead and the other 'audio writers', together with the work of McLuhan and a kind of mentorship from Seattle's Joe Keppler and margareta waterman, showed him the importance of understanding one's medium, understanding the artistic possibilities of the specific properties of one's media/um.

After producing the radio show, he went back to school and studied Computer Science and Mathematics. After that, it wasn't long before the web emerged, which Andrews saw as the perfect media/um for someone seeking to combine writing, programming, visual and audio art in an international scene of epistolary correspondence about the art and poetics and sharing online of the art itself.

He lives in Vancouver Canada with his wife Natalie Funk.

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