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The ELMCIP Knowledge Base is a research resource for electronic literature. It provides cross-referenced, contextualized information about authors, creative works, critical writing, and practices. Current contributors should log in to the knowledge base to enter new records.

The ELMCIP Knowledge Base depends on the active participation of a community of international researchers and writers working on electronic literature. To join us in building the Knowledge Base, email kb_editor@elmcip.net a brief message. Include a brief description of your background and interests in electronic literature so we can set you up with a contributor account to add and edit records. The Knowledge Base is developed in Drupal 7 by the University of Bergen Electronic Literature Research Group as an outcome of the ELMCIP project.


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Creative Works

2559 records
Title Author Year Updatedsort ascending Tags
Sea and Spar Between Nick Montfort, Stephanie Strickland 04.07.2015 combinatory, Emily Dickinson, Herman Melville, poetry
Dragon Logic Stephanie Strickland 04.07.2015
mooon Ottar Ormstad 01.07.2015 letter-carpets, video poem, digital concrete poetry, e-poetry, multilingual, video, visual poetry
Once Upon a Tide J. R. Carpenter 01.07.2015 computer generated literature, computer generated text, narative, détournement, dialogue, Shakespeare
[giantJoystick] Mary Flanagan 01.07.2015
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Critical Writing

2895 records
Title Author Publication Type Year Appears in Updated
Intervista con Fabrizio Venerandi Fabrizio Verrandi Interview 2014 11.06.2015
Intervista a Carlo Cinato Carlo Cinato Interview 2013 11.06.2015
Intervista ai TheCoevas TheCoevas Strumentisti di parole Interview 2012 11.06.2015
Walks from City Bus Routes: A Circuitous Route J. R. Carpenter Article in an online journal 2015 19.05.2015
Naked in the 'Nonopticon' Siva Vaidhyanathan Article in an online journal 2008 19.05.2015


2641 records
Name Updatedsort ascending
Ottar Ormstad 25.06.2015
Lucas Ramada Prieto 15.06.2015
Gwen Le Cor 13.06.2015
Stephanie Strickland 13.06.2015
Mark Sample 10.06.2015


111 records
Title Publisher or organization Developers Year initiated Updated
Hologram (Computer Holographic Stereogram) 1980 04.05.2015
Hologram (reflection) 1920 04.05.2015
SMS (Short Message Service) 1982 04.05.2015
Minitel 1978 04.05.2015
Real Player 1995 03.05.2015


407 records
Name Event Date City Country Updatedsort ascending
E-Poetry 2015 09.06.2015 Buenos Aires Argentina 25.06.2015
Digital Literary Studies 2015 14.05.2015 Coimbra Portugal 27.05.2015
ELO 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature 04.08.2015 Bergen Norway 18.05.2015
Slow Media 26.03.2015 United Kingdom 10.05.2015
Textual Machines 17.04.2015 ATHENS United States 09.05.2015