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The Ballad of the Internet Nutball: Chaining Rhetorical Visions from the Margins of the Margins to the Mainstream in the Xenaverse 10894 Christine Boese Book (Ph.D. dissertation) 1998 02.10.2015
A Cibercultura em Transformação: Poder, Liberdade e Sociabilidade (ABCiber Vol.2) 5187 Book (collection) 2010 27.10.2012
E_RUPTURE://Codework"."Serration in Electronic Literature 8462 Talan Memmott Article in a print journal 2001 12.09.2013
From Theo Lutz to Netzliteratur. The Development of German-Language Electronic Literature 6634 Beat Suter Article in an online journal 2012 06.07.2013
Hyper-What?: Some Views on Reader Discomfiture with Hypertext Fiction 8195 Lawrence James Clark Article in an online journal 1999 Hypertext Fiction and Poetry 21.08.2013
Imágenes de la tecnología y la globalización en las narrativas hispánicas 9566 Ángel Esteban, Jesús Montoya Book (collection) 2013 06.08.2014
Intent is Important (a sketch for a progressive criticism) 2905 Adrian Miles Article in an online journal 2003 24.01.2012
Interculturas, transliteraturas 9488 Amelia Sanz Book (monograph) 2008 23.07.2014
Lecturas del contacto: manifestaciones estéticas de la interculturalidad y la transculturalidad 9496 Miriam Llamas Book (monograph) 2012 24.07.2014
Litteraturens nätverk: Berättande på internet 8561 Book (collection) 2012 30.09.2013
Narrative as Virtual Reality: Immersion and Interactivity in Literature and Electronic Media 2651 Marie-Laure Ryan Book (monograph) 2001 28.06.2013
Netzliteratur: Text, Algorithmus, Interaktion 5204 Johannes Auer Conference paper or presentation 2009 05.11.2012
Polish Digital Literature. An Introduction 8761 Piotr Marecki Invited lecture 2013 16.10.2013
Primal Affective Ground and Digital Poetry 3769 David Jhave Johnston Conference paper or presentation 2010 13.04.2013
Reading Writing Interfaces by Lori Emerson 9741 Kathi Inman Berens Article in an online journal, Review 2014 22.09.2014
Remiksy, remediacje, redefinicje 7032 Mariusz Pisarski Article in an online journal, Review 2013 17.04.2013
What Spam Means to Network Situationism 6361 Justin Katko, Camille Paloque-Berges Conference paper or presentation 2007 30.01.2013
X0y1 #ensayos sobre género y ciberespacio 9527 Remedios Zafra Book (collection) 2010 20.08.2014
"A Machine Made of Words by a Machine Made of Numbers"- Authorial Presence in Niemi’s Stud Poetry 8261 David Boyles Conference paper or presentation 2012 20.11.2014
"A Visual Sense is Born in the Fingertips": Towards a Digital Ekphrasis 7833 Cecelia Lindhé Article in an online journal 2013 03.07.2013
"Big Brother really is watching you!" Literatur in mobilen Datenräumen 3574 Beat Suter Article in a print journal 2011 Literatur, Raum, Neue Medien 23.11.2012
"Creamus, ergo sumus": Ansätze zu einer Netzästhetik 5396 Christiane Heibach Article or chapter in a book 1999 Hyperfiction: Hyperliterarisches Lesebuch: Internet und Literatur 21.11.2012
"Distance, Homelessness, Anonymity, and Insignificance": An Interview with Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries 2382 Thomas Swiss, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries Article in an online journal, Interview 2002 20.01.2013
"How It Is in Common Tongues": an interview with John Cayley and Daniel Howe 6562 Scott Rettberg, John Cayley, Daniel C. Howe Interview 2012 15.02.2013
"Hypertext Poetry and Fiction": Beobachtungen zu einem Online-Seminar der New School 1878 Patricia Tomaszek Article or chapter in a book 2007 E-Learning und Literatur: Informatiksysteme im Literaturunterricht 19.11.2012
"I Am a Double Agent": Shelley Jackson's Patchwork Girl and the Persistence of Print in the Age of Hypertext 1840 Paul Hackman Article in an online journal, Article in a print journal 2011 01.10.2011
"Jailbreaking the Global Mnemotechnical System: Electropoetics as Resistance" 10644 Davin Heckman Conference paper or presentation 2015 04.08.2015
"Make Me Think": Composing the Narrative Interface 8533 Will Luers Conference paper or presentation 2013 25.09.2013
"mar puro”: An Interview with Aya Karpinska 1441 Rita Raley, Aya Natalia Karpinska Interview 2006 Writing.3D 01.10.2011
"No Preexistent World": On "Natural" and "Artificial" Forms of Poetry 1653 Peter Gendolla Article or chapter in a book 2010 Beyond the Screen: Transformations of Literary Structures, Interfaces and Genres 14.04.2012
"Of Dolls and Monsters": An Interview with Shelley Jackson 942 Rita Raley Article in an online journal 2002 21.03.2012
"Poésies contemporaines: le retour en avant" 3185 Jan Baetens Weblog 2011 14.12.2011
"Recensão sobre a Edição Brasileira do Livro de N. Katherine Hayles "Literatura Eletrônica: Novos Horizontes para o Literário" 10003 Daniela Côrtes Maduro Review 2012 10.02.2015
"Terminal Hopscotch": Navigating Networked Space in Talan Memmott's Lexia to Perplexia 2909 Lisa Swanstrom Article in a print journal, Article in an online journal 2011 11.02.2012
"The Final Problem": An Interview with Mark Jeffrey and Judd Morrissey 6628 Scott Rettberg, Mark Jeffery, Judd Morrissey Interview 2012 25.02.2013
"Trans-former" la poésie: formes émergentes de poésie numérique 1381 Giovanna Di Rosario Article or chapter in a book 2011 E-Formes 2: Au risque du jeu 01.10.2011
"TXTual Practice" 10666 Rita Raley Article or chapter in a book 2013 18.08.2015
"Uncle Roger", an Online Narrabase 1228 Judy Malloy Article in a print journal, Conference paper or presentation 1991 20.10.2012
"Verweile doch...": Über flüchtige Momente in der Netzliteratur 1888 Peter Gendolla Article or chapter in a book 2010 Digitale Literaturvermittlung: Praxis - Forschung - Archivierung 01.10.2011
"Wo ist der Ort des Textes?" - Rainald Goetz' "Abfall für alle" 2000 Natalie Binczek Article or chapter in a book 2001 Formen interaktiver Medienkunst: Geschichte, Tendenzen, Utopien 01.10.2011
"Паутина" Мэри Шелли 8122 Alexandre Kazakov Review 2002 15.08.2013
#Carnivast: The Virtual Reality, Code Poetry App 9343 Rob Myers Review 2013 11.06.2014
$wurm = ($apfel>0) ? 1 : 0; experimentelle literatur und internet memoscript für reinhard döhl 5270 Book (collection) 2004 07.05.2015
&Now Awards 2: The Best Innovative Writing 7184 Anthology of creative work or online gallery 2013 22.05.2013
'A Literatura Cibernética 1' by Pedro Barbosa 10288 Álvaro Seiça Review 2015 04.09.2015
'A Literatura Cibernética 2' by Pedro Barbosa 10291 Álvaro Seiça Review 2015 04.09.2015
'Algorritmos: Infopoemas' by E. M. de Melo e Castro 10761 Álvaro Seiça Review 2015 04.09.2015
'Click = Kill'. Textual You in Ludic Digital Fiction' 6317 Astrid Ensslin, Alice Bell Article in a print journal 2012 29.01.2013
'Computer Poetry' by Silvestre Pestana 10762 Álvaro Seiça Review 2015 04.09.2015
'Electrònicolírica' by Herberto Helder and PO.EX Combinatorics 10289 Álvaro Seiça Article (other medium) 2015 08.04.2015