Conversations with Poets about Technology (CAPTA)

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Video interviews captured in a series of conversations with practitioners and theorists of digital literature, including both long-form unedited interviews and short edited interviews. The series is partly sponsored by NT2 and OBX Labs. Some of the interviews are being translated from English to French or vice-versa, and will be hosted on the NT2 site.

Critical writing published in this series

Title Author Publisher Yearsort descending
Interview with Andrew Klobucar Andrew Klobucar, David Jhave Johnston 2012
PO.EX (Interview with Manuel Portela) David Jhave Johnston, Manuel Portela 2012
Eviscerating the Antiseptic (Interview with Jason Nelson) Jason Nelson, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Fils de l'art et la littérature (Interview with Alexandra Saemmer) David Jhave Johnston, Alexandra Saemmer 2012
Interview with Steve McCaffery Steve McCaffery, David Jhave Johnston 2012
La Groupe Alire (Interview with Philippe Bootz) Philippe Bootz, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Interview with Chris Funkhouser Chris Funkhouser, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Points of View (1983) (Interview with Jeffery Shaw) Jeffrey Shaw, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Bricoleur (Interview with David Clark) David Jhave Johnston, David Clark 2012
Interview with Amaranth Borsuk Amaranth Borsuk, David Jhave Johnston 2012
A novella app (Interview with Samantha Gorman) Samantha Gorman, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Interview with Ian Hatcher Ian Hatcher, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Modes of Narrative Specific to AI (Interview with Jichen Zhu) Jichen Zhu, David Jhave Johnston 2012
DIY: reinvent the world by reinventing the language (Interview with Florian Cramer) Florian Cramer, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Interview with Charles Bernstein Charles Bernstein, David Jhave Johnston 2012
The Love of the Social Writerly Game (Interview with Mark Marino and Rob Wittig) David Jhave Johnston, Rob Wittig, Mark C. Marino 2012
Conversations with Poets about Technology (CAPTA) Video Interview with J. R. Carpenter J. R. Carpenter, David Jhave Johnston 2012
The Limits of Computation (Interview with Jim Andrews) Jim Andrews, David Jhave Johnston 2012
CREADER (interview with Jeneen Naji) Jeneen Naji, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Interview with Christian Bök David Jhave Johnston, Christian Bök 2012
ELD & ELMCIP (Interview with Scott Rettberg & Joseph Tabbi) David Jhave Johnston, Scott Rettberg, Joseph Tabbi 2012
The Joy of E-Lit (Interview with Kathi Inman Berens) David Jhave Johnston, Kathi Inman Berens 2012
1994-96 Word Nozzle (digital materiality) (Interview with Jason Lewis) Jason Edward Lewis, David Jhave Johnston 2012
Interview with Loss Pequeño Glazier Loss Pequeño Glazier, David Jhave Johnston 2012

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