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FILMTEXT 2.0 is an elaborate work of net art that investigates emerging forms of electronic literature in relation to interactive cinema, live A/V performance, games, and remix culture. It remediates formal experiments from older media like film, video art, and the visual/metafiction novel.

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"FILMTEXT" is a digital narrative created for cross-media platforms. It is has appeared as a museum installation, a net art site, a conceptual art ebook, an mp3 concept album, and a series of live A/V performances. In the initial 1.0 iteration of the net art site, commissioned by PlayStation 2 in conjunction with Amerika's "How To Be An Internet Artist" retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Amerika referred to "FILMTEXT" as "the third part of my new media trilogy," following his two other major works of Internet art, "GRAMMATRON" and "PHON:E:ME." 

(Source: Description for the 2008 ELO Media Arts show)

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