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Olivier Schneider, alias BlueScreen, est un net artiste. Il participe activement à la réflexion sur la propriété intellectuelle et le développement des licences Art libre, a fait partie du regroupement “Transitoire Observable” et anime régulièrement des ateliers dans le milieu scolaire. Il est impliqué dans plusieurs projets interculturels en création collaborative, dont notamment le projet Jiaocha mené en collaboration avec des artistes de douze pays différents.


Creative Work
Creative Work
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Wed, 06/18/2014
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An entrepreneurial spirit. A consummate self-starter with experience in website optimization, social networking, education, blogging, copywriting, public relations, and app development ready to achieve creative and organizational goals.

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JOSHUA FISHER is the author of several works of digital poetry and storytelling currently available as mobile apps, and is the founder of Appoet, a location-based venue for urban poetry based in Chicago ( Fisher has also given many presentations and workshops on electronic publishing and application development.

(Source: ELO 2014 Conference homepage)

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